BicMedia | A Video Production Agency to Grow Your Brand

We make video easy.

Combining a full spectrum of creative and production capabilities, we make it a snap to create compelling video that’ll grow your brand. No headaches. No guesswork. No sticker shock. Just visual storytelling of the highest order.

Our Model

Designed to make video production easy, we are half creative shop and half production house.

Think of us as Centaur Sherpas.

Is “Centaur Sherpas” a mixed metaphor? Perhaps. But our model ensures transparency and efficiency every step of the way.

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First, we meet with you to get an understanding of who you are–your goals, what makes you tick, etc. — and develop a creative brief that outlines the details of your video needs.

At this point, if you think we’re a good fit, we move on to the Creative Development phase.


For a small “skin in the game” fee, we develop two to three concepts, including scripts, design frames, video samples, timelines, and accurate budgets. This process ensures that you know exactly what you’re buying and that we know exactly what we are making!

You own these concepts and scripts and can choose to produce them yourselves or move onto the next phase with us.


Once we have the creative locked in, our producers will guide your project through the production and post process.

As a self-contained, fully-equipped production, animation, and music studio, we are nimble and powerful enough to guide you to the summit with ease!

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  • Video Production
  • Pre-production
  • Location Shoot
  • Studio Shoot
  • VR/360
  • Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Illustrated Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Sound
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mixing
  • Voiceover
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Film Score
  • Commercial Score
  • Jingles
  • Video Editing
  • Visual Effects