Music is the universal language. We speak it fluently.

Music Reel 2014

Julian Bickford, Emmy award winning composer and partner of BicMedia, is skilled at composing original music for use in television, commercial video, original scores, advertising, jingle work and long format video. Julian's classical training diversifies his abilities and ensures his compositions are technically sound.

For many production houses, music can be an afterthought. For us, it can be the most powerful weapon a brand has. It communicates where words can’t and evokes moods that are infectious. When the right music is paired with the perfect visual, you can make really impactful video.

Lead by classically trained Emmy Award-Winning audio engineer, Julian Bickford, BicMedia offers the full spectrum of music services. Custom music, original songs, sound design, sound effects, mixing and voice-overs. We even do film scores. And you know those sticky songs on your TV or radio you can’t get out of your head because they’re so catchy? We do those too. Commercial Jingle development is probably one of our most well-known and unique services. Check out the sound here

For a more in-depth look at Emmy award winning composer, Julian Bickford, visit his portfolio site.