We’re a hybrid of talent and pet lovers.

At Bic, you’ll find talented people working together to make great things. But you’ll also find our pets roaming the offices. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s the owner who owns the dog or if it’s the dog who owns the owner. So here are both.

Julian Bickford: Composer / Creative Director / Owner

Julian is a lot of things. A Co-Owner, a brother, a creative director, an Emmy Award-winning Composer, an avid crochet enthusiast. And he takes all those things and weaves brilliance into brands.

Anubis, the dog, plays a mean fiddle. They collaborate frequently.

Austin Bickford: Owner / Executive Producer

Austin is Co-Owner and Executive Producer. He manages the operations of the shop. Which means he wears a lot of hats. Thankfully, his dog and sidekick Arthur J is there to help.

Arthur J.’s specialties lie primarily in HR and barking.

Val Anderson: Head of Production

Val has been a producer for over 17 years. She coordinates every part of a production making sure projects run from script to screen. It’s like herding cats. Good thing she likes cats.

Val and her cat Graycie have a lot in common. They both love a tasty meal and naps in the sun.

Brandon Todd : Art Director

Brandon is a Kansas City native. As an Art Director specializing in design and animation, Brandon bends pixels to his will. When he goes home, he surrenders that will to his two little girls.

Mulva is an Italian Greyhound and he claims there is a language barrier between them.

Candy Bickford: Office Mom / Manager

Candy is the office mom. Before BicMedia she kept Julian and Austin on their best behavior at home. These days she does it in the office, as she keeps the shop running smoothly. Her favorite part of her job is watching clever ideas and creative vision come to life.

Candy is an office manager/mom mix. And her dog Charles Dickens is a Havanese/Shih tzu mix.

Jenny Bickford: Music Producer

As the Music Producer, Jenny manages and promotes her partner, Julian's, original music & sound design jobs through Cooljingles.com. She ensures each original music arrangement meets the desired artistic style and is delivered with integrity.

Anubis, Jenny and Julian make along with their two boys make one big happy musical family.

Chris Sheridan: Senior Editor

As Senior Editor at Bic, Chris can cut anything from a comedic music videos to a more poignant spot. But no matter what it is, his goal is always the same — take bits and pieces of a story and weave them together for maximum impact and emotion.

Shaggy is a Bichon Poodle with a different hairstyle every month. Both are massive Jayhawk fans.


If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong.

When we’re not cranking out amazing brand content, music scores or whatever it is we’re doing on any given day. We’re taking advantage of the weather. Stop by anytime for one of our impromptu barbeques, First Friday hangouts, or a game of ping-pong, foosball or pool . There will be cold beer waiting.