BicMedia: How We Do It

Cap Fed: Trust -- Broadcast

RideKC: One Vision - Broadcast, Graphics, Music

Anheuser-Busch: Let's Grab a Beer -- Social Media

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Product Launch

VR Halloween Experience: "Who's Laughing Now Clowns?"

(For best experience watch with Headphones and VR Headset. VR is not supported in Safari, use YouTube App on mobile devices and Firefox or Chrome on desktops.)

Cap Fed: Josh - Piggy Bank -- Broadcast

Cap Fed: Josh - Transaction -- Broadcast

Cap Fed: Josh - Trust -- Broadcast

Kansas City Steak Company: We Own the Filet -- Broadcast Production

Kansas City Steak Company: Steaks with Hos -- Social Media

Sys-Tek: Bill Ding - Energy Efficiency

Sys-Tek: Bill Ding - Air Quality

Sys-Tek: Bill Ding - Temp Control

Rejected Olympic Sports: High Dive

Rejected Olympic Sports: Rocket Launcher Skeet Shooting

Rejected Olympic Sports: 100 Meter Paddle Boat

Rejected Olympic Sports: Weights

Turn the Page KC -- PSA

Samsung Galaxy GrandPrime -- Music

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture -- Music & Sound Design

Cap Fed: Open House -- Broadcast Production

Cap Fed: You Are My Sunshine -- Broadcast Production

Jose Ole -- Broadcast Production

American Century Investments: Once Choice -- Broadcast Motion Graphics

ATI Nursing Education -- Animation

Wilson Tennis Brand Anthem -- Music

Union Station 100 Year Celebration -- Music

Teva Pharmaceuticals: More To Migraine w/ Jennifer Morrison

Cosmosphere Innovation Space -- Animation

AAF-KC: Awards Open 2016 (Rated R - Language) -- Live Show Open

Cool Jingles -- Animation & Original Music

The Local Pig -- Web Video

Did You Know - Episode 1 -- Animation & Sound Design

The University of Kansas -- Music

Bad Mother Plumber -- Video & Music

Goodcents: Deli Fresh Subs -- Broadcast Production                                 

Artist Profile: Jane Booth -- Web Documentary

American Century -- Broadcast, Animation & Original Music

Sutter Home -- Animation, Sound Design, Original Music

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City -- Web Video -- Animation -- Broadcast -- Animation